GloPoWriMo 2021

“What is GloPoWriMo?”

April is Global Poetry Writing Month. From the National Poetry Writing Month website, they describe this month as “a space to reflect on the past while moving with optimism into the future”.

“How does it work?


Every day for the month of April, you write a poem. You can write poems based on prompts or based on things around you.

You can choose to publish these poems or you can write them in your diary, then burn them. Do whatever you would like with them! It is all about the act of creating.

I won’t be sharing mine publicly, but I have decided to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. Each Sunday in April, I will feature a poet I know and share their poetry.

Dlvan ZirakWeek 1April 4, 2021
Brandan T.C. McCartyWeek 2April 11, 2021
LowkeyWeek 3April 18, 2021
Carlene GistWeek 4April 25, 2021
GloPoWriMo Line-up 2021
Plus, a surprise bonus poet later today! Be sure to check back to see their interview and poem.

So, will you be joining us in April for Global Poetry Writing Month? I would love to read what you write!

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