An Illness: a Poem

This poem, written years ago, is about my personal relationship with depression.
Inspired to post by Nicole Lee

This monster reigns as king
as heavy as an anvil
(as visible as air).

It begs a fight
when all I have wanted is peace.
The bruises it leaves
from the inside out.

The pain sears, yet
the monster hides
(cloaked in shadows).

It may lie dormant for years.
When it wakes,
blood drips from its teeth,
snarling, seething,
it searches for a captive.

It takes and holds me hostage.
It is as toxic as fumes and
as haunting as nightmares.

Grayscale Photo of Womans Face

6 thoughts on “An Illness: a Poem

  1. This is written strong. Your wordsmithing was potent in emotion. Well conveyed young lady.
    Mental illness runs in my family. My personal experiences with depression has fortunately been fleeting once I learned to apply techniques that so far works. ❤


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. This was a hard poem to post because it is such an intimate look at mental illness, but I was being sucked in by the siren song that is depression as I wrote it. I want to erase the stigma behind mental illness, and I think one way of doing that is by speaking about it and taking it out of the shadows. 💜


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