Morning Meditation

Art therapy homework (original)

Today, I made an interesting observation while working on my self-assigned art therapy homework. I am doing a design of what it looks like when my Inner Healer and my Inner Artist emerge, hence, the words Healer and Artist in the bubble. This work is not finished by any means, but I paused because I had a moment of self-reflection that I’d like to share with y’all.

When I was making my dancer’s skirt, I was using an outdated thesaurus page as the base, and though it’s just an old book, I still find myself looking through it. When I glued down a specific piece, I saw it said “powerless, weak” as two of the synonyms for the particular word. I paused, thinking to myself how in the past, I could have seen myself as powerless and weak. Having a controlling mother and being in relationships with possessive and abusive exes took away a lot of my power. Recently, though, I have added a mantra to my morning one. The new mantra is, “I am in control of my life.” Pretty powerful stuff coming from someone who felt as though she was victimized for years.

So, this is where it gets interesting, in my opinion. Out of curiosity, I flipped the scrap of paper over to see what words were on the other side.






Those are words I would rather associate myself with. So, those were the words I chose to face out to the world. But funny, if I had not chosen to look at things from a different perspective, I would have still been facing down “weak” or “powerless”.

My mother often comments on certain events would make good things to reflect on and meditate on, and as I was doing my homework, I was thinking about how powerful it is to change the script of what we believe about ourselves. Sure, I could continue to think of myself as “powerless” or “weak”, but instead, I chose “lively”, “vivacious”, “frisky”, and more.

Just something I was thinking about this morning.

Have a beautiful day, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Morning Meditation

  1. Welp I’m still awake. Don’t shock you right? I love this. Thanks for sharing. No coincidence that the polarity between the two sides of the page were as such. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. You are all that and a bag of chips. I got a poem I just thought about I wrote awhile back. I’ll look for it and share it.

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    1. It’s so interesting what we observe when we are awake to what messages the Universe is sending us. I can’t wait to read your poem. I have another one planned, based loosely on a flower.


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