New WIP & Author Update

Hey, y’all!

I’m not even sure how to begin this blog post, but here goes. As most of you, I finished my final revisions on my first novel last year. I picked up an awesome opportunity as a ghostwriter in October of 2021, and have been plunging ahead on that, I also have been submitting short stories and poems to various anthologies. I have received some rejections along the way (part of the business, I know), but also some amazing encouragement.

a tweet from award-winning & bestselling author Simon Van Booy
the anthologies I’m in
reader feedback from a few of my poems

Along the way, I’ve met some delightful people on social media who have pushed me ever closer to my dreams (my Tweeps, my Stargazers, all y’all), and now I’m starting a new venture.

Last night, as a joke, I posted a response to someone’s question, “So, is it just me or is it weird to anyone else when they read a female main character and the author makes it a point to describe their underwear…like, ‘I’m getting dressed in pants, a black t-shirt, and this red g-string. Not my favorite pair of underwear, but they’ll do.’ Like, WTF?”

The replies were what you’d expect, but then I chimed in with an excerpt from an imaginary book:

facebook post

This has since developed into a post with 655 likes and growing, and it has seen a 70 member request increase in my Facebook group. Now it’s my turn to say, “Like, WTF?” I’ve decided to write this story…and I’m proud to say I’ve already finished Chapter 1.

I am simply blown away for this demand for paranormal women’s fiction, but I guess here goes.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t disappoint my new fans.

…or any of you, for that matter.

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