September Nights: a Poem

The star-dusted sky, the color of denim,
shifts past me.
My arms wrapped around your waist,
giggling madly.
The speakers playing that song
I like to twirl to, but instead,
you sway.

( I surrender to the moment
and cry out, burying my head
into your shoulder.
Laughter breaking across the empty land.)

My stomach twisting.
(If this is exhilaration,
I must have forgotten
its sweet intoxication.)

Barefoot in the grass.
Its blades dance in
a midnight wind.
A creek nearby.

Maybe you’ll teach me
to skip stones.
(It was a promise made
in a summer I almost forgot.)

The full moon illuminates.
Its lingering glow haunts me,
reminding me of
the glimmer in your eyes.

Tilt me backwards,
dip me onto that soft blanket
and teach me the magic of the night.

(Tell me the stories of the stars.
I know the mythology, Artemis
and Orion, Cassiopeia.
But teach me how they came to be,
your hand lazy tangled in my hair.)

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