A Request from an Author

Some of my favorite poets and authors craft worlds out of words like paper sculptures folded into origami and things I could not imagine otherwise. Some speak simply, but their echoes are far-reaching. They all have a power to transcend and to aid the reader in obtaining their own wings.

I read notes people leave their favorite authors and poets. I read them knowing I write love letters to my favorite authors and poets. I create a forgery of a thousand different words and hope to put them together in a unique way.

The current story I’m working on is meant to bring awareness to body image and beauty standards. Other pieces I’ve written address bullying and societal norms; mental illness and self-medicating; and I often worry that what I write won’t resonate with people. I worry that some of my stories are too “out there” for people to like and my poems too autobiographical for anyone to relate to.

a message I discovered in my inbox

I received this in my inbox recently, and I honestly got goosebumps and tears rolled down my cheeks. There is a reason I write what I write. I have always desired to make the invisible visible with my writing, and I hope to continue to do that. I want to inspire people to heal. I want to be a champion in someone’s corner. I want to be the reason people feel seen and to give a voice to the voiceless.

This is why I do what I do. I am not only empowering myself with my stories, but I hope to empower others outside of myself.

If you are friends with an author (or you’re a reader who really, really likes an author’s writing), let them know how much you appreciate their writing. It might encourage them to pick up a pen on a gloomy day when they lack the motivation or desire to continue.

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