Sneak Peek II of W.I.P.

As requested, I’m sharing a new sneak preview of my most current work-in-progress. This is from my brand new (a.k.a. not yet finished) paranormal women’s fiction novel. Please let me know what you think. I hope you like it.

The building looked just as imposing as ever. I buzzed the intercom to contact the main office. When you were late, there were consequences, and one of the consequences was to deal with Mona. “Name?” she barked through the speaker as though she didn’t recognize me.

“Mona.” I sighed. “You know it’s me.”

“Name?” she said again, tersely.

“Zoe Reed.” I flashed my badge at the security camera.

“The doors will unlock in thirty seconds. You have another thirty seconds to enter. If you don’t enter within those thirty seconds, I will have to alert the proper authorities to escort you inside. Is that understood, Miss Reed?” Mona rambled through the protocol, acting as though it was my first tardy infraction.

“Yes, I understand.” I gnawed on my lower lip, waiting for the first set of doors to unlock. After a series of clicking and clanking, the heavy door unlocked. I stood in the tiny space between the first and second set of doors, scanned my thumb into the fingerprint reader, then listened to the second door unlatch.

Mona sat in her glass cage where she could monitor everything from a distance. Her beady brown eyes gave me a once-over. “Your pants are wrinkled, Miss Reed. You should see to having those ironed.”

I smoothed the front of my plaid ponte leggings and looked up at the woman behind the desk. “Can I have the sign-in sheet?” I asked, trying my best to not sound exasperated.

She passed the clipboard over to me, then returned to operating the switchboard. I scrawled my name on the sheet, then, with my heels clicking, I made my way down the hall. Each room was closed-off, the doors shut, and the cinder block walls seemed all at once menacing, and I wondered again if I truly enjoyed my job or if it was simply a means to an end.

As I thought that, I heard the skittering of feet behind me. I turned. No one was in sight. I turned again, whipping my head to the side. No one was at my left, but the sound of softly contained laughter was inescapable. I looked to my right and down.

There was the culprit.

What do you think? Does it make you want to read more? Is this the kind of book that hooks your attention?

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