Sneak Peek III of my W.I.P.

This is another peek at my paranormal women’s fiction book. I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback on it so far. So, tell me. Does it interest you?

As I backed out of my parking spot, I rolled my eyes. Demon slayer? I thought. Surely, this was some prank Ana or Cheryl pulled, probably their idea of cute commentary on my lack of getting laid recently. They had singing telegrams where grown men dressed up as Cupid in oversized diapers and quivers with flimsy arrows. Was it so hard to believe they had men dressed as incubuses available?

I rubbed my temples as a small voice in the back of my head wheedled, Better do some research… just in case.


I shook my head and patted the beads of sweat from my forehead. “It’s been a weird day,” I admitted.

Cheryl nodded. “Tell me about it. Think it’s a full moon tonight, and I told you Larry believes it affects all of us. Every month, he sees an uptick in patients in the I.C.U. and E.R. when there’s a full moon.”

I shrugged. Whatever the reason was, it was barely nine in the morning and things were strange. How could I broach the subject of the man she may or may not have sent to my apartment as a prank?

I searched her eyes for any shimmer of humor as neither of us addressed the strange man I’d tied up in my apartment. Either Cheryl didn’t know or she had a good poker face. “Hey,” I said, leaning in, “do you have any good books on paranormal studies?”

She swept a pile of crumbs from the counter into her hand as she thought. I could see the consternation lines appear on her forehead. “I might,” she determined. “But come back at the end of the day to check, okay?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Absolutely.”

Hope you enjoy what you’ve read so far and it encourages you to read more!

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