Fiction Fragment Friday (in February)

As a lot of you know, I’m working on a new book about a thirty-four-year-old demon slayer who has just discovered the paranormal world that exists around her and the various characters she meets along the way.

I’ve decided to share another excerpt of this work-in-progress with y’all. I hope you enjoy it.

 “I am definitely an incubus.” He paused. “There’s a lot more to this world than you think. More at play than politics and religion. You’ll see.”

Neither of us spoke.

“How can I show you that I’m not messing with you?” he mused, pacing around the kitchen. Then, he froze, held my gaze, and something inside of me changed. My stomach churned as though thousands of butterflies writhed inside. My heart raced, thumping quicker than I thought imaginable. Even as I looked at him, I felt this powerful magnetism repelling me in two opposite directions – one could not even look at him because of the hold he had on me and the other desired to be known and understood by him completely.

It was like he eviscerated my insides and filled them with honey. Synapses sizzled and spit fire along my veins. Everything crackled with life. When his finger barely grazed the inside of my wrist, I nearly yelped the feeling was so intensely orgasmic. Somehow, just looking into his eyes, everything flipped upside down and I knew I’d never be the same, even long after he’d gone.

He lowered his gaze, then looked back up at me and smiled. “You see now?”

My heart slowly returned to its rhythm. “I do,” I whispered, my voice dry.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt. Please sure to let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Fiction Fragment Friday (in February)

  1. This is such explosive writing, I am left imagining what is next. The intensity, it was as if I was feeling his gaze and touch, like he was luring her into his dark world and she is timidly walking straight in. Her attempted refrain nullified by the passion!!! a whole scene in my head left me wondering and wishing for more….this is incredible. I Feel like you keep growing in your writing. This I need to read plz!!!


    1. Carol, I really hope you like this book (or series, if it turns out to be that). It’s such a departure from my usual style. I don’t usually write “funny”, but there are a lot of funny scenes in this book, but I also try to have it be real at times too – intense even, like you said.


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