La Poesia sei tu: 6 Six-Word Vignettes

Thanks to Dlvan Zirak for the prompt of six six-word poems.


Those who do not understand, won’t.


Speak affectionate tongues; you’ll need translators.


Poets and lyricists burn like supernovas.


Serenade me with ink-scrawled black stars.


Astronauts float. Stars sail. Lovers submerge.


Voyage into endlessness – when’s homecoming season?

I always felt as though I was an alien & then, I discovered myself on this strange planet populated with beings who appeared like me. Sometimes, when we’re gathered in a big space and they all speak as one, I do not understand the words, but they rise and fall over me like tides. A girl I loved who spoke in sonnets took a sewing needle & etched a black star onto my hip bone. When the blood and ink merged, I knew I had found my map. It wasn’t until years later I learned that some of us drop in on this galaxy only to be discovered a millennium later by those whose irises are swirled with planets & bodies are scarred by wars we were predestined to fight.

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