Global Poetry Writing Month 2022

April is Global Poetry Writing Month. This year, just like last year, I’m sharing interviews with poets across the world. Each Tuesday, I will be posting an interview with a poet and I also will be sharing my own poetry sporadically throughout the month to encourage people to read more poetry. This month’s interviews are as follows:

  • Jimmy Broccoli: Week 1 – April 5
  • Sakshi Narula: Week 2 – April 12
  • Carole Goldstone Majola William Goldspiel: Week 3 – April 19*
  • J.G. Gibson: Week 4 – April 26

* Interview with Carole Goldstone Majola is postponed, due to flooding in her hometown. She is located in South Africa, and I am having difficulty reaching her.

This list is susceptible to changes at any given time. It is a tentative list, depending on the poets’ availability and my schedule.

Please let me know if there is a particular form of poetry you’d be interested in reading me experiment with! I’d love to open myself up to new forms as I usually write free verse.

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