Apology & New Poem

I would like to apologize for no interview yet today. The poet I chose to interview lives in a different time zone than I do, and it has made connecting a little difficult. I will share my interview as soon as possible. I’m still writing poetry for Global Poetry Writing Month. I thought I’d share one of my new favorites.

Also, I have been in Colorado since yesterday afternoon, so I’m adjusting not only to the change in weather and time zones but also the change in altitude.

For an arsonist, every fire is an opportunity
for new beginnings,
but I see the outline of my friends in the ashes.
This isn’t Pompeii,
but as volcanoes erupt,
I still hear your voice cry my name.

The silence haunts me because I know
it’s the aftermath of a horror.
I see your initials carved into the soot.
But I wrote your biography in flames.

Embers aren’t abandoned.
(They’re forgotten.)

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