Poetry Spotlight on: J.G. Gibson

Dallas, Texas Poet J.G Gibson is a first time author with his debut book, ‘Feelings’. He is known among the poetry community as clever, poignant and creative in an original way. Most of his work, surrounds the themes of heartbreak, loss, depression, and death but are not limited to those categories.

Upon reading J.G. Gibson’s poetry, on first glance, I was deceived into thinking it was aphoristic writing – somewhat simple and with a clear message. Then, I read it again. And again. Until I realized there is so much more to his poetry than what appears.

What are three words you would you use to describe your poetry?

Clever, Lyrical and Entertaining are usually three words that come to mind when I think of my poetry.

From quick wit to rhythm and rhyme, I tend to leave the reader entertained and amazed. 

When did you begin writing poetry and what was the impetus?

At age 16. I like to blame music for me becoming a poet. I remember always searching for the lyrics of songs and reading them in my head, without the music playing in the background.

Some of my favorite artists today, are Taylor Swift, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd.

What are some of your writing habits? How do they affect the content of your poems?

To say I have any writing habits would be a fib. I write sporadically, there’s no schedule or direct process. I do not write everyday. 

All I know for sure is I write most frequently when I am emotional – good or bad.

With that being said, most of my themes surround relationships of all kinds – whether it’s death, the downfall of one, weddings, or meeting parents. 

My choice of content allows me to highlight different moments and aspects of a relationship.

What is the most difficult part of the poetry-writing process?

For me personally, it is finding subjects I can personify or use as metaphors to elaborate the story that I’m trying to tell. It drives me insane trying to write the perfect-worded poem.

I find in my writing, I include little metaphors or references that only certain readers will understand. Having said that, do you ever include similar references?

Yes, in my upcoming book, “Feelings”, there will be references throughout the whole book that connect poem by poem. I like to think of it as, a loosely episodic structure of a poetry collection. 

Why do you think so many readers find poetry inaccessible?

Actually, I do think it’s accessible, but I think it’s been watered down, or modernized. In today’s climate, I always see poems as a caption: it’s a one-line, witty attention grabber. Or it’s substance when posted in other places is cliché. So I do believe poetry is accessible, I just think the people who really love it, don’t really appreciate the statuses which are aka, “the new poetry.”


Farewell, carousel
that takes me back to you.
Round after round thinking,
you'll go around too
But you just add change,
and yet stay the same,
and around I move.

J.G. Gibson

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