Poets Anonymous Ink: Trust

write about your experience with trust.

Broken when I was young,
when you said you loved me
(and didn’t mean it).

Mended with seams made for ripping.
I begged trust like it was a scrap of food,
and I was the starving orphan at the church window.

She called me a liar, but when you’re not safe enough
(to trust),
what other choice do you have?

Life was a game of keep-away I never understood.
Whenever I was vulnerable enough to take off my mask,
the acidity of life chewed away the soft bits and left behind bone.

(Pliable bone, the kind that could break & without proper care
would mend crooked.)


I gave you all I had, but you still came back starving
with an empty bowl and pleading eyes.

3 thoughts on “Poets Anonymous Ink: Trust

  1. So beautiful Isabelle, thank you for sharing. I was pleasantly surprised to find this in my inbox today as I am working on a piece about masks. I’m grateful for the inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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