Creative Nonfiction: The Falconist

I recently subscribed to Prompts & Happenstance‘s text alerts. It’s a service where they provide you with prompts multiple times a week. I’m hoping this will further encourage my writing habit.

I received my first prompt today, and while I thought I’d share the prompt, I realized that spoils the fun. So, if you’re an author, you should think about subscribing to Prompts & Happenstance. I’m already feeling inspired.

Portrait of a Mother, an AI-generated image (2022)

I see the effort you’re putting forth, and I try not to focus on our history, but some things, if forgiven, feel as though they need to be digested. You claim religion, but you fail to recognize love, yet with your decade of fanaticism, you will understand the metaphor.

I am Pontius Pilate and have offered to release you from your prison, but time and time again, you have rebuilt the iron bars I try to dismantle. I am Pontius Pilate. I wash my hands of you. Your words create a cage, and I am a falcon (you always compare me to one – the sharp eyes, a break). My wings command me to fly, but for so long, I complied to what society demands.

And while I think this is an opportunity to mend the stitches in my heart, I do not fully believe in the chance. Even as I lie my head on a hospital pillow, you found my presence to be under the auspices of your spin. And though I was locked in a tower, I am the one who speaks in riddles. I am the one who holds the key now.

And though you wish otherwise, I have freed myself and have begun to fly.

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