Drabbles from Prompts & Happenstance

A hundred words (dialogue only in the first) based on prompts from Prompts & Happenstance.


“Listen, I’ve been thinking and…”
“And what?”
“Well, I think we both know where this is headed.”
“We do?”
“Don’t play coy. It has to end soon.”
“But it doesn’t have to.”
“We have given it too much time.”
“All we have is time.”
“We don’t. That’s a lie.”
“Why are we losing time? Time is not a finite resource.”
“It is now.”
“Because you’re ending things?”
“Because things are ending.”
“Is there a difference?”
“The order of words completely changes what I am saying compared to what you are saying. Things are ending.”
“Goodbye, I suppose”
“Arrivederci, mon coeur.”


My hands stained the color of rumors, my tongue tasting of Bordeaux, I’d whisper I love you, but you’d blame the vineyard. I won’t lie, surrounded by these decaying vines, I find myself wanting to wrap myself around your limbs like ivy. This adoration is not a factor of the room swimming like watercolor or my eyes bleeding with tears, but love, you must know I cherish your lips when you speak. But love, you must know, I wonder what language I can scrawl across your tongue with my hungry mouth. I have a fistful of grapes, love like lace.


Shooting-star bright in the fog, it is startling to discover illumination where there was none. Like the gilded aura around saints in medieval paintings. The world was a dusty corridor that had been cordoned off and refused access until a small glow emanates and changes everything. I follow my glow and discover in the midst of my own brightness, myself. Shimmer was never self-portrait nor was it looking glass. It was my own incandescence. A faint glow from her menthol cigarette. Sun shattering the clouds as we huddled beneath cemetery trees, scrawling poetry into empty notebooks (and onto our hearts).

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