Thirteen Reasons Why: a Reimagining

13: the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.

12: how you worry about what the demons inside my brain lie to me about (& how you wish you could have tea with them so we could make peace).

11: how you perform alchemy & transform tears into laughter.

10: the concerned look glittering in your eyes when I tell you about the headaches.

9: the way you make the world vanish when I’m in your embrace & you quell the fears.

8: the butterflies that dance in my stomach when your lips brush against mine and your hands tangle through my hair.

7: the sound of your voice feels like home.

6: the way you never realized you were a poet or a songwriter but you write me poetry and songs with your tongue & pen.

5: how this list is only 13 reasons why, but I write you maddeningly long love letters and shove them away in secret crevices, wondering if you dream of me.

4: that glow in your eyes and how your smile transforms when you think of me.

3: the fact that every love poem sounds like a cliché until I think of you, then it becomes brand new.

2: you, you, you.

1: what we are/what we could be/the endless possibilities.

3 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons Why: a Reimagining

  1. I love the thirteen reasons dear Isabelle. I have become a old man and I still want to dance with sea, be adored and love in someone eyes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Dear Isabelle, you are my muse for this September day.

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      1. It was wonderful dear Isabelle. I will write a similar poem with the old man eyes. I liked the ideal of seeking, remembering things we needed and wanted. You did what a writer, suppose to do. Make the reader think.

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