Spooky Sundays 2022/Writetober 2022

Last year around this time, I told you all I had wanted to do a series of interviews with horror authors, Spooky Sundays. But because of a family death, I only completed one interview. I interviewed the amazing Patricia Stover. This year, I would like to announce I will be doing these interviews for real, as long as no one I love dies again.

Here’s a reminder of what Spooky Sundays entail. Each Sunday, I will be sharing an interview with a featured horror author and sharing their social media links.

This weekend, I will be interviewing Donise Sheppard, author, editor, and publisher.

As an added challenge, I’m also hoping to participate in Writetober (50 words with one prompt word as the challenge) like I did last year. I’m already a little behind. But here are my first four:

Day 1: Train
Day 2: Smoke
Day 3: Ethereal
Day 4: Flutter

Would anyone be interested in reading more of these throughout the month?

Let me know!

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