Poets Anonymous Ink: When the Truth Comes Out

It’s betrayal like this that makes me lose trust

in humanity.

Didn’t you claim to be my very closest friend? This cliché is the knife jammed into my spine, & it agonizes worse than death –

but I’m in love with a poet, so I will say this –

it is not a dagger or sword that severed my vertebrae and stabbed my heart.

It wasn’t my blood that spilled on the floor.

A fountain pen you had grasped as a weapon, and if it’s all the same, the ink pooling at my feet is emptying my heart of all its meaning.

I thought I had been depleted, all my feelings


after his death, after she left me, after I was abandoned.

But you, little girl, still found a way to stab into me & leave me staggering, losing my breath over

accusations & lies.

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