Poets Anonymous Ink: Modesty in the Miniature

paint&ash&soot – paperfibers&dirt&burntmeteoriteparticles –


not just a litany, not just a list


not just a litany, not just a list


microscopic bits

tiny molecules,

they say when astronauts get to space, they often


not at the grandeur of

not at the vastness of

the universe,

but the smallness

of us all.

we’re miniscule – but don’t you dare think

we are gnats in a galaxy.

11 thoughts on “Poets Anonymous Ink: Modesty in the Miniature

      1. Fudge the critics. People told Hemingway and Salinger. They wrote like shit. Hemingway and Salinger became pretty music loved and appreciated. Dear Isabelle. I must read to write and tonight. Your words opened up my mind. Later tonight a glass of whiskey and I will write. We need our muses and remember. Us, who love to write. We must have tough skin. You are welcome dear poet. When you write the great novel. The critics opinions will be forgotten.

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      2. You truly flatter me. I remember when I began writing, I mimicked the greats – Salinger and Hemingway included. Now, I write as myself. I’m so glad my words helped to open you up. Something about a glass of whiskey and writing sounds romantic to me in a way; I usually write in the morning with a mug of lukewarm coffee.

        My skin can be as thin as tissue paper sometimes, but other times, I feel appropriately calloused. I actually wrote about this criticism recently and am glad I’m bouncing back from it. There will always be critics, no matter how much we grow as authors and poets. People like to point at the flaws of art and insinuate they can create better, but usually the ones who critique only create perfection in their minds.

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      3. Here in Michigan. In my area. Jobs are everywhere. They pay well and the kids in Michigan. Don’t want to work. All my children found good jobs and they are doing well. I notice you and I appreciate. You noticed me.

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      4. I guess I shouldn’t say there aren’t jobs here – there are, but I would like to work as a writer or what I went to school for. Unfortunately, you need more experience than I have to get the career I want, if that makes sense. I am so grateful for your kindness to me; it truly puts a smile on my face.

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