Mark the Day: a Poem

Remember that time you and I…

Remember when we…

The analog clock only tells hours and minutes, but it’s been years, my darling.

Don’t give me the stereotype of “time flies”.

Yesterday was years ago and today is so much more than you can ever imagine.


the year is 2033 and it seems like the sci-fi future glossy magazines promised us were selling us lies.

I’ll be in my mid-forties & probably a few wrinkles crinkling near my eyes,

maybe lines of white streaked in my deep brown hair.

Maybe I’ll have done some of those things I talked about with my best friend over midnight pancakes.

Publish a novel.

Learn a language.

Keep a dream journal for one year straight.

Paint art that I feel comfortable hanging in my home.

Take an improvisation class.

Go to museums.

Read more.

Laugh more than I cry.

…but cry when I need to.

Be the person you saw who never gave up & fell asleep on a park bench because she believed in the power of love.

Maybe, in ten years time, I’ll finally love myself and forgive myself the sins

of my wild youth.

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