Regarding Kindle Vella, Short eBooks, & Asking for Financial Support of an Author

Recently, my bank account has taken a bit of a hit. This is probably more information than I need to share on my website (especially since I strive to be professional and not utilize this outlet as a diary), but as a result of limited hours at work, I only received a small paycheck. After being hospitalized, I decided it was more important for me to pursue my purpose than to simply work for a paycheck.

This took a lot of courage for me to admit to myself, much less, others. But sometimes, you just have to face the fear and do it anyway. Not simply as an author or a creative, but as a human being. On Facebook, I have a lovely group of Stargazers and I shared with them that I will be crafting personalized short stories and poems for a charge because of my recent hospitalization, costs of medications, and lack of income. It was stressful to admit, and to ask for money, that I needed the financial support, but I thought it was important to ask the Universe (and my Stargazers) for that kind of assistance.

For the most part, people responded favorably, but one Stargazer told me he would be leaving my page and that requesting money like that is “sad”. He exploited my vulnerability and made me feel guilty for it. I was already ashamed, but this just made me feel worse. The point of this post isn’t to point fingers or to judge him on his response, nor would I want people to get the wrong idea and think I’m encouraging people to react to his comment. But for me, it’s important for people (especially my readers) to understand the reason I write is because I have the stories and poems in my head. I do not like making this about money, but we all need money to survive.

I haven’t had a full paycheck in a while. My rent was due on the first of the month but I could pay it without fees until the 5th. Today is the eighth and I’m starting to get nervous because I barely have enough money to support even a fourth of my rent this month.

These are new worries. I want to keep writing at the forefront, but now, I’m worried the advice “stick to your day job” is not something I can abide by. I’m worried I don’t have a job waiting for me. But as I said before, while I was in the hospital, I began rethinking my purpose – it might not be a financially driven one. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have bills to pay. So, that being said I’m interested in figuring out financial solutions to my current situation.

That being said, anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis – would anyone be interested in buying serialized stories like through Kindle Vella, eBooks, or some other means of financial support? I cringe asking for money of any kind, but right now, I’m struggling to find meaningful work.

I have several story ideas – short stories and novellas as well as novels – and here on my website, I’ve shared plenty of free short stories and poems. I can also sell more autographed copies of the anthologies I’m in. Would any of you feel comfortable financially supporting my writing passion so that I don’t have to start researching homeless shelters in the area?

Please let me know if you’re interested!

2 thoughts on “Regarding Kindle Vella, Short eBooks, & Asking for Financial Support of an Author

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. It means so much to me. It can be scary putting yourself out there, but honestly I just need to swallow my fears. Trust is such a complex issue – I have been thinking about trust all day today. It really becomes complicated the older we get and the more stories we experience. I have often been naïve in matters of trust, and it’s been so detrimental to me as a human.


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