“Under a Blushing Sky” is an anthology including over fifty poets writing under the theme of new beginnings, featuring three poems by Isabelle Palerma. The proceeds from this anthology are divided between A Better Way, an organization that aims to reduce domestic violence, suicide, and sexual assault, and New Beginnings, another group whose mission is to help end domestic violence and to empower survivors.

Unity is an anthology of short stories, poetry, and art that fall into the genre of magical realism. The stories in this collection are as varied as the authors and features the short story “La Estatua del Mar” by Isabelle Palerma, a story which the editors of the anthology compared stylistically to the magical realism author Gabriel García Márquez. All proceeds of this anthology goes to the charity Doctors without Borders, which provides lifesaving care around the globe by sending first responders to epidemics and national disasters.

Everyone’s afraid of something.

Plunge into the pages of Phobia! as authors from around the world explore these irrational fears. From well-know phobias to the more unusual, our authors have created twenty unique tales of lives disrupted by phobias. From horror to fantasy to contemporary fiction, Phobia! has something for everyone.

Face your fears and climb the tallest sail, speak before a crowd, go outside at night, or run daring circles in the open during a thunderstorm. Cower from spiders and monsters. Resist sleep. Don’t turn around. Try not to lose faith, but never trust a soul. And don’t ever forget what’s important.

Let your imagination be perturbed as you read Phobia! An Anthology of Fear.

This inaugural book marks the beginning of New Generation Beat Publications yearly anthology from the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. This anthology is a compilation of 100+ poets worldwide, showcasing all different flavors of writing. It features “A Phoenix Facing Extinction”, a free verse poem by Isabelle Palerma.

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