Phobia: What are You Afraid of?

You know what’s scary?

You haven’t bought a copy of Phobia! yet. Yes, you. What are you waiting for? It’s spooky season! You can buy an autographedcopy directly from me or go to my Works page and buy a copy from Amazon.

Either way, wouldn’t you like to be frightened this Halloween? What are you scared of? Maybe it’s murderous ventriloquist dolls. Perhaps it’s of heights or closed-in spaces.

Or maybe you’re like one of the several characters in my story, “Something Beyond”, who write to my main character because they’re scared of dying.

What are you waiting for?

Spooky Sundays: a Series for October

All month long, in addition to doing my series of blog posts about domestic violence, I will be devoting Sundays to Spooky Sundays. I will be featuring four authors of horror stories: Patricia Stover, Kristen Holder, Donise Sheppard, and David Rosenblum.

Sometimes, I will include a horror/spooky prompt as well to encourage your creativity.

Hope you enjoy!